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Battery Technician

Coreshell Technologies

Coreshell Technologies

San Leandro, CA, USA
Posted on Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Position: Battery Technician
Reports To: Sr Battery Engineering Manager

Coreshell Technologies, Inc. is unlocking the true capacity and economics of batteries. Our mission is to provide the fastest path to transforming the battery industry so that clean energy solutions can be deployed on a global scale. We’re accomplishing this with our uniquely scalable thin-film coating process that solves battery electrode surface instability - a fundamental problem that is at the root of capacity and safety issues in nearly all rechargeable batteries. Our coatings can dramatically reduce battery manufacturing costs while improving cycle lifetime, energy density and safety for both state-of-the-art as well as next-gen battery chemistries.

Position: We are looking for a Battery Technician with battery construction and/or R&D lab experience to carry out battery fabrication, assembly, and testing.

  • Looking for candidates eager to work on cutting-edge technologies that can accelerate clean energy adoption & combat climate change.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Perform Coreshell’s in-house battery fabrication and testing.
  • Maintain and calibrate test hardware.
  • Perform coating runs with Coreshell’s custom, automated coating platforms. Work with multiple battery formulations and coating materials; collaborate closely with Coreshell’s technical team to ensure Coreshell’s coatings are properly deposited on each battery material.
  • With the assistance of the R&D team, characterize cells and battery materials, using both electrochemical methods & materials analytical techniques.
  • Perform cell failure analysis through post-test cell disassembly followed by physical, compositional, and electrochemical characterization, as instructed by engineers and scientists.
  • Work with Coreshell’s cell testing and qualification program, including detailed experimental recordkeeping, data collection, and data management.
  • Manage inventory of chemicals and lab consumables.
  • Follow and maintain standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  • Comfortable performing manual tasks requiring precision and dexterity.

Required experience:

  • Background in R&D lab work is required. Experience working in controlled-atmosphere gloveboxes is preferred.
  • Background in fabrication of lithium-ion batteries is a plus.
  • Highly self-driven, detail-oriented candidate with a history of problem solving and an ability to wear many hats.
  • Familiarity with chemistry lab safety protocols. Demonstrated commitment to maintaining safe, tidy, and organized work areas.
  • Previous experience performing electrical tests, as well as chemistry and materials analytical instruments, is preferred.

Required Qualifications: A B.S. degree or equivalent in Chemistry, Materials Science, Engineering OR experience in a similarly relevant field with 2+ years of industrial experience.

Location & Benefits: San Leandro, CA. Full-time. Hourly rate is $26.00 - $50.00 per hour with additional stock incentives dependent on experience. This position will move to swing shift after the first 2 months (though will start 9-5 for training purposes). Dental, vision, healthcare and 401(k) benefits are included. Applications will be screened as received.